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Title: 'Flat Life' - 2D SP/MP shooter for Half Life.
Post by: SaxonSwine on March 24, 2008, 08:59:48 PM
Just found this randomly, thought I would give it a mention.  Its a 2D SP/MP game, apparently taking inspiration from oh.. those old 2D shooter games :P
You can get the main D/L here http://www.moddb.com/mods/10342/flat-life
however you have to get maps separately, there aren't any included with the main d/l.  Maps can be found here http://www.punbb-hosting.com/forums/hl2d/viewforum.php?id=4

Its an interesting mod, but I say interesting with trepidation - I found the controls a bit over sensitive, aiming too hard (I had to resort to crowbaring, the guns are so innacurate), I would rather just have shoot forward/backward/up/down - mouse aiming is too hard. 
Also the camera angle always seems to be too close to the player, which makes it hard to deal with enemies who can see you, but you cannot see yourself.

Has a pretty interesting set of shaders (eg water, reflections); and I quite like the ability to add custom maps, but the lack of an official mapset results in a lack of consistency.  5/10, worth a lookin, just don't expect it to be groundbreaking, or more to the point, as fun as an actual 2D shooter.