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Source RELEASES / CSS SCI FI 2.1 released
« on: October 26, 2007, 08:58:34 PM »
CSS SCI FI 2.1 released

A major patch for CSS SCI FI has been released. CSS SCI FI is an SMOD-based single-player mod for Half-Life 2 which puts the player through a series of intense combat missions set in Counter-Strike: Source environments.

The 2.1 patch adds a new "Campaign Mode" to the game. All 27 maps can now be played in two unique single player campaigns. As the player battles through the levels, enemies become more challenging and weapons are upgraded.

The patch also includes numerous improvements and bug fixes. Sound scripts have been added to previously silent maps, npc navigation has been improved in larger maps and some missions have been completely remade, including Militia and Train. Lost Coast and its relevant script files have been enabled, allowing players to return to the Lost Coast with all the benefits of SMOD.

In addition, core SMOD files have been upgraded to version 39D2. This upgrade improves shaders and particle effects and adds four unique bullet time modes, each of which can be enabled using the included SMOD Configuration Utility.

Players who have already downloaded and installed CSS SCI FI 2.0 should download the patch, while players new to the game should download the complete CSS SCI FI 2.1 package. Mirrors, including a torrent file, are listed on the download page.

CSS SCI FI home page
CSS SCI FI moddb profile
CSS SCI FI PlanetPhillip profile

Source RELEASES / Re: [HL2 SP] CSS SCI FI 2.0
« on: July 11, 2007, 08:24:59 AM »
before my computer went kaput.

 :o Oh no!

« on: July 06, 2007, 09:31:58 PM »

Version 2.0 of CSS SCI FI has been released. CSS SCI FI is a single-player mod for Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike: Source and SMOD. This mod mixes random generation of enemies and resources with map-specific scripting to create a readily replayable action-based game.

Key features of the 2.0 release:
  • Includes 12 user-made maps, such as the popular DE_Nightfever and CS_Beirut_HDR. Custom maps are installed to the cstrike/maps folder so they can be played in Counter-Strike: Source or SMOD with no moving of files. Scripts for 15 of the original CS:S maps are also included.
  • Includes SMOD 39B2. No need for additional downloads. SMOD 39B2 fixes all ladders and displacements.
  • Includes the SMOD Configuration Utility, a dialogue based program which sets all SMOD options including everything from health regeneration to tracer bullets.
  • Contains a total of 27 hand scripted maps. Over 8 hours of single player combat, and that's just to play each one once!
Half-Life 2
Counter-Strike: Source

Downloads now available via the CSS SCI FI moddb profile and the CSS SCI FI home page.

Source RELEASES / Re: [HL2SP SMOD] CSS SCI FI 1.3 (new)
« on: March 16, 2007, 11:28:47 AM »
Superb!  8) I've spread the word at Planet Half-Life.

Cool thank you!

Source RELEASES / [HL2SP SMOD] CSS SCI FI 1.3 (new)
« on: March 15, 2007, 12:27:56 PM »
A new version of CSS SCI FI, the HL2 mod for SMOD and Counter Strike: Source, has been released. The updated 1.3 version is a complete reworking of many aspects of the game and is now packaged as an executable installer. With one simple installation CSS SCI FI is ready to play.

The new 1.3 version includes the SMOD Configuration Utility, which allows users to change their SMOD configuration quickly and easily. Using this feature, players can change graphics effects, performance levels, difficulty settings, ragdoll behaviour, gore levels and bullet time settings. The utility can be run at any time and as often as is desired. Not only will this allow players to tune the game to their own particular tastes, it also will improve their system performance by allowing them to choose settings appropriate for their own system specifications. In addition, advanced users can still add their own config commands manually to a specifically designated custom config file, which takes precedence over settings set by the utility. These features will improve the SMOD experience for new and experienced players of SMOD alike.

Within the mod itself, CSS SCI FI 1.3 includes numerous improvements. CSS SCI FI has been integrated into the SMOD HL2 chapter menu, allowing easier access to the game and improving loading times. Prop spawning has been made more intelligent and difficult enemies more uncommon, though the design of the random spawn system still allows for a range of possible encounters. Alongside these random events are specifically scripted encounters with HL2's toughest enemies, including gunships, dropships, helicopters and more.

This lightweight mod (still less than 1mb) is now available via the CSS SCI FI moddb profile or the CSS SCI FI home page.

« on: February 11, 2007, 08:41:06 PM »
Thanks for this. I'll have a look at the config you posted. In the meantime, if anyone has this problem, just delete your "config.cfg" in your cfg folder. This should clear all settings, leaving you free to set up a new set of configs.

« on: February 09, 2007, 10:28:29 AM »
Version 1.2 is now up:



Fixed a problem in Port that could lead to endlessly spawning reinforcements.
Fixed a problem in Nuke that prevented the end from being triggered.
Removed mines from the tunnels in Chateau.

Rewrote configs and introduced variable skill system. Players can now set skill level using the autoexec.

« on: February 06, 2007, 10:50:52 PM »
Huh? How come in the moderate config file I see "weapon_limitcategory 2" then? I'm guessing you discovered that doesn't work, heh.

Errr...yes. I thought I had that working but then right after I published the file I realised that the way I'd done it before was with the weapon_category.txt, not the engine commands.  But it's all fixed now. I saw one download go through before I fixed it - I guess that was you!

60% on the chopper is easier (just gave it a whirl) but you'll still have to find nearly all the rockets before you get through it. At least in this case no one can accuse the designer of having an advantage by knowing where things are!

« on: February 06, 2007, 09:46:39 PM »

I didn't even know it was possible to make the weapon limiting thing have any figure other than one per catagory... 2 weapons per catagory should be interesting to try out.

It's not, through the engine commands. You can sort of hack it by doctoring up your weapon_category.txt, in order to give the effect of 2 per category. However, this would mean making users move around their weapon_category.txt files along with adjusting their skill. No one is going to want to do that, so in the end I decided not to do this, and have left moderate at 1 per category.

« on: February 06, 2007, 08:49:05 PM »
Okay a new (and hopefully final) version is now up: http://www.amphibian.myzen.co.uk/css_sci_fi_download/

This includes three different skill settings, which you can choose from by making some minor edits to the autoexec. If you do not edit the autoexec, then no skill setting will be chosen (probably a better default solution than forcing people to play on my absurd difficulty level (which you can still access by selecting "hard"). Doing this allows me to condense all the releases into one, which is certainly less confusing.

I have removed the laserguns. I'm sorry to reduce the variability of the available weapons, but it seems a better solution than to leave them lying around, as noted above. I did not move the pulse rifle in the end. The powerful alt fire makes up for the lack of ammo (in my opinion), and if you play on moderate setting (which most people probably will) then you get 2 weapons per category, so you'll have a backup. Okay, perhaps not. You can do this, but only by providing a second weapon_category.txt. Asking people to trade around weapon_category.txt files probably isn't going to work. So moderate now only gets one weapon too (change already made in uploaded file).

I have also made the helicopter in Inferno slightly easier to kill (you now need to get it down to 60% health rather than 50% as before).

« on: February 06, 2007, 03:35:27 PM »
Thanks for trying it out. Bizarrely, most of the forums that have taken this up have been in Hungarian, so I haven't been able to follow much user reaction. Nice to get feedback other than "it's great" or "it sucks". Though of course I'm always happy to hear that it's great.

The biggest problem by far was my ill-thought out decision to include the configs by default. Only after more than 550 downloads did I start to realise that my configs made things too hard. The "main" version ( that's this one: http://www.filecloud.com/files/file.php?user_file_id=360821 ) no longer includes these (they're still there, but zipped up where they won't hurt anyone), so I hope that players who found things too difficult will give it another go.

It's regrettable because the configs are not required to play the game at all. I had assumed people would know that they didn't have to use them if they didn't want to, but let's face it, most people only give things one shot. I wanted to force people to use iron sights, to fight in real time, and to have to fight hard. Despite my experience with design and modding I have fallen into that most simple of traps, the one where the designer thinks everyone thinks like him.

Now that I've seen the error of my ways, players should find the game much more doable. Some of the harshest criticism I've had came from people who only know SMOD through SMOD Tactical and had therefore never seen the "enemies_strong_gappoi 1" (the red and blue enemies), and were unpleasantly surprised. Also, without the configs, your citizen allies will be much more effective (especially if they are blessed with a kar98 or AK47).  You will also be able to use the lasergun, which should even the odds a bit. I understand what you mean about the lasergun being a confusing weapon, I may remove it from future releases (it hurts the player a great deal and is too powerful should he ever get his hands on it). As for the pulse rifle, moving it to "4" is not a bad idea. However I'm not sure I'll continue development of the config side of things.

Having said that, I suppose I could include an easy/moderate/hard config, along with instructions for each. Hmmm. Perhaps yet another change of files is in order.

You needn't worry about props disappearing. It only seems to happen in some maps (the only place I know I've seen it is in Inferno), and even then it's very minor things like glass bottles and so forth. I myself have never been able to play straight through a whole map so unless you cheat (no fun) then props will sometimes have to go.

The APCs, whenever they appear, can be destroyed with grenades. They have 750 health each (the default and unchangeable), so you need about 10 grenades depending on how close you can get them to the vehicles. I realise this is hard but you do have an unlimited quantity of grenades.

The helicopter in Inferno can be brought down, yes. I have altered it so that it takes less than half of the normal number of rockets. There are rockets all over the map (I did it that way to make the player move, but the helicopter will chase you!) and the helicopter is low and relatively slow (and actually does very little damage to you), so it should be doable. I can reduce its health further if you really think it's not in its present state.

Thanks again for your feedback, and I hope you are able to complete the missions. If you have any further problems let me know. It's supposed to be fun, and if it's not then I've messed up. There's lots more to come (next step is custom css maps), so I'd like to learn as much from players at this stage as possible.

« on: February 05, 2007, 09:32:45 PM »
Looks like great fun! Going to give it a try now.

I just this minute uploaded a new version with clearer documentation, batch files to start each map, and configs not enabled by default (so you can use your own).

Hope you like it!

« on: February 05, 2007, 01:21:45 PM »
I'm getting a error when I run the mod. :-\

Try the light version. It includes fewer entities and may run better for you:


« on: January 19, 2007, 12:38:05 AM »

CSS SCI FI is a single player modification for SMOD which uses maps from Counter Strike: Source as the setting for classic Half Life 2 "Counter Combine" action. CSS SCI FI mixes random generation of enemies and resources with map-specific scripting to create a fully realised and readily replayable game. The scripts used to achieve this were originally conceived by the SMOD author and have been expanded and elaborated to create a new HL2 SMOD experience.

This is a project I’ve been working on for several months. By adapting code from the SMOD author’s mapadds, I’ve written custom lua/mapadd files for 15 of the standard CS:S maps. The mapadds combine randomness with specific scripting to provide a realistic but fun experience.

Part of the goal of the project was to ensure that all sounds, textures and materials in CS:S appear as expected, without breaking anything in HL2. In this the project is a success, right down to the ringing bells in Inferno.

The script files are designed for SMOD 38, HL2 and CS:S. They have not been tested with other SMOD meta mods such as SMOD: Tactical and SMOD Redux but I can't see why they would not work.

This project was also a test to see how much editing you can do outside Hammer, with only the two script files to work with. The information I gained from this is all posted on my website, below. If anyone finds solutions for the problems I encountered, please let me know.

I hope you will enjoy these files, and the site.

home page:

download page:

Game News / Re: [HL1] Poke646: Vendetta
« on: December 23, 2006, 10:33:56 AM »

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