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Models / Skins / [CounterStrike:Source] - Weapon - C4 - King Bobomb
« on: December 22, 2006, 07:21:46 AM »
I have ALWAYS sucked ass with making animations. I have been working + gathering files to make a Mario/Nintendo theme for CS:S.
I decided to make the C4 the King Bob-omb from Mario 64. All I did was modify the Bob-omb from the Grenade pack from CS:S so right now the credits for this C4 replacement is:
Model: Mr_Propre + OoPpEe for King edits
Textures(or colours): Mr_Propre

Now what I am needing is someone to animate the model (V_)
I know the king wasn't like a windup toy however due to CS:S using an animation to set the bomb I added it. Basically the request I have is can someone make animations for this? Basic idles, the setting is the main part instead of button pressing, have the player windup the bomb and pull the "key" out and lower the model off screen.

The reason for the key to be pulled out is the C4 world model cannot be animated, so you wouldn't see the winddown at all.

I would also need some help with compiling. I am trying to make the switch to HL2 content in preperation to Team Fortress 2 and it's having me a little confused.

[File not found]

Conversation / All things must come to an end
« on: August 03, 2006, 02:54:23 AM »
I don't really know where to start. I really got a laugh when people did this, but I guess I can be a hypocrite for once.
For those who know me closely, know I have a daughter. She just turned a year old on June 6th. She is my life, everything. She's one of the reasons I am rarely playing games now. Well for those who didn't know, the mother and I are separated and she is pregnant with our 2nd child. I started seeing someone before we found out that she is pregnant. I stayed with the new girl in my life. Amber and I had a mutual agreement of joint custody, 50/50. I'm not going to get into further details, but to sum up what happened is she took off with my daughter and I don't know where she is. I called police, and they said there is nothing I can do without custody papers which we don't have.
Right now I am having a complete mindfuck. I lost my daughter, I have only stuck around because of her. She's gone now.
I am also living with my Grandparents and earlier this week my Grandfather was rushed to the hospital. He has lung cancer.
I just want to say goodbye to all the friends I made here and for those who I have spoken to while I was around. Thank you all for the memories.

Suggestions / Gun ideas - Long read...
« on: June 01, 2006, 08:03:28 PM »
Personally I found it a major annoyance that you had to switch weapons to do a melee attack.
Obviously the Crowbar should be the stronest for the melee's, but why can't you pistol whip?
Also I personally believe there should be alternate attack modes for every weapon, a 3rd if possible:
-Swing - the generic swing that is already there
-Big Swing - Just a big quick swing which takes a bit longer to execute, would be great for destroying wood panels/crates/ect
-"Primed" Swing - basically the same as the Big Swing but when your arm is raised it stays there until you release, would be good for a quick sneak attack. For example you see a grunt infront of you with has back turned, you near them and they turn around - big swing.

-=9mm Handgun=-
-Fire - the same old attack but instead have its fire rate dependent on how fast you push fire (max ROF is the same as the old alt fire). So you rapidly push fire you get a decent ROF, hold fire and you get the standard ROF. This removes the need for the alt fire as it was kinda pointless.
-Pistol Whip - Really annoying that you have to switch to a Crowbar just to do a melee attack. Obviously this wouldn't be great to destroy crates or anything but would be great to add this element: Fire-Fire-Fire-Enemy Close-Whip-Enemy Does Big Flinch (if availible on enemy)-Fire-Fire. Basically adds a minor new element to the game.
-Silencer - Kinda a useless addition but adds some nice elements. Make it so when you kill an assasin they drop their silencer. Basically all this would add to the game is something like this: 2 Grunts in a room, not close together, sneak up on one and kill him from behind - other doesn't hear you. Where as if you had it unsilenced the other would. This is something that was basically already programmed into the game, just merely enable it by making the Assasins drop w_silencer.

-=357 Mag=-
-Fire - just the ordinary fire.
-Whip - Basically the exact same as the Pistol Whip, just a little different in damage done.
-Scope - As alot of us know, the LD had a Scope addition. The programming is probably still in the SDK, simply enable it.

-Fire - same old
-Double Fire - same old
-Butt Whip - Hit them with the butt of the Shotgun.

-=MP5/M4A1=- (depending on which of the 2 the team decides to use)
-Fire - same old
-Grenade - same old
-Butt Whip - see shotgun

-Throw - The basic charge throw
-Big Throw - Throw the grenade far without charging (not as far as holding would allow you to do though)
-Toss - basically a little toss that would drop it a few feet in front of you. Would be good for dropping grenades on to a lower floor from above, or a toss into a open door and quickly hiding around the corner.

-=Satchel Charges=-
Little change in the way this thing functions.
-Toss - same old but you dont pull out the remote unless you tossed your last one. 5 or 10 max allowed.
-Drop - drops the item at your foot, would allow for better traps to be set, the sliding made it very difficult to place them ontop of crates or other small area places. 5 or 10 max allowed.
-Pull out remote - I kinda found it odd that the old alt fire would throw another charge, but you wouldn't pull one out.

Yes, remote as a separate weapon - shares the same weapon slot as the Satchel Charge though. By default if no Charges are placed have selecting the charge pull out a charge. If charges are placed, pull out remote.
-Detonate - click, all go boom.
-"Domino Effect" - Click, first one you placed goes off, click again 2nd goes off, click 3rd placed goes off, ect.
-Pull out Charge

-=Trip Mines=-
-Plant -the basic same old.
-Delayed activation - Same as plant, but you can choose how long the delay before they activate with the 3rd attack
-Delay choose - Choose how long the delay would be, 1 sec, 5 sec, 10 sec. This allows for some really fun traps to be set.

-Fire - the same old
-Activate laser - Same old
-Fire->Scope - As we know the RPG has a scope on it, have this kind of function. Fire, split second later you got a zoomed look with the laser pointer (Think TFC Sniper Rifle). And then you guide the rocket like normal, but obviously you are zoomed now.

-Fire - Same old
-Zoom - Same old
-Select Darts - Explosive or Normal.

-Fire - same old
-Charge - same old
-Quick charge and shot - Basically the weapon will automatically do a half second charge and fire. Just a quick way to do a through wall shot.

-Fire - same old
-Alt - Already decided :)
-Grav. Gun - There is a bit of a demand of this from a fair amount of people. This weapon looks similar. Basically make a w_grav pickup which activates this function. Have it hidden in the game though. I know the gravity gun has been coded for a physics test for this mod. Keep the weapon in, just make it hard to get function. I do know that custom mappers would use this weapon. I am aware of the scientific differences. That is why I said make it a pickup - think "Addon" for the weapon. This would change the look of the weapon a bit.

-=Hive Hand=-
-Fire - same old
-Speed Fire - same old
-Punch - Take a guess...

Some changes must be made, if you notice snarks can fall from any height and live. They need to have a limit to how far they can fall before instantly dieing upon impact.
-Toss - same old
-Big Toss - throw the bastards further, if they are thrown too far they will instantly die.
-Egg Toss - If you have 5+, you can pull out the Hive/Egg/Whatever and toss it. Due to the weight you can basically only toss it a couple feet. Upon hitting the ground it will explode and release 5 snarks in random directions. Takes 5 ammo to do this.

Opposing Force

-Attack - the basic swinging.
-Stab - Think CS knife alt attack.
-Throwing Knife - Allow HGrunts to occasionally drop knives. Can Carry 5 max, cannot throw last one.

-Swing - Same old
-Big swing - Just do a bigger swing (similar concept to the Crowbar idea)
-Charge - same old

-Jaws - annoying that you had to sneak up on someone, pull them in and then they die, even if you were a foot away from them or right on their back. Basically this performs the attack but minus the tounge.
-Grappling Hook - Same old, but can now grab items with the new physics.
-Place Barnicle - Every so often your barnacle will gain "1 ammo", basically it creates a "spore" and you can place this spore and shortly after a Barnacle will be placed there. I was going to say allow you to place the Barnacle you are using into a Enemy Barnacle, but that would result in some problems for the Opposing Force maps I believe.

-=357 Desert Eagle=-
-Fire - same old
-Laser Sight - same old on/off.
-Pistol Whip - explained enough.

Fire - Basic fire
Burst Fire - Same as above but fires in 3 round bursts.
Deploy Stand - the pickup has the weapon with a stand, but you cant use it. Basically click and you will go into a crouching position and have a 45 degree turning angle. The weapon will have great accuracy while in this but the player cannot move until he unactives this.

-Teleport 1 - Same old teleports enemies, even in MP.
-Teleport 2 - Teleport yourself, in MP it will take you to a spawn location.
-BFG - The MP BFG shot. In Multiplayer have the order swapped (this primary, Teleport 1 the third shot, would be good for team games)

-=Shock Rifle=-
Make the enemy of this gun pickup able. Basically make it "Stunnable", if you use a melee attack it will get a stun for a very short amount of time and you can pick it up during this time. This allows for you to release the weapon. If you already have the weapon, it will just stun the enemy and it will recover and continue to attack.
-Fire - Same old
-Charge - Bigger attack
-Release - Release the weapon and let it go like a snark.

-=Spore Launcher=-
-Rocket Fire - Fires like a spiraly rocket.
-Grenade Fire - Lobs the Spore
-Power Shot - Fires it like high velocity rocket, very fast shot. However the recoil is big and varies, meaning where you aimed is likely not where it will hit. Just makes this weapon great for a good hard to dodge shot with lots of damage. However it takes a bit to execute (minor "charge") and it's accuracy isn't exactly the greatest.

-=M-40A1 Sniper Rifle=-
-Fire - the same old
-Zoom - same old
-Whip - Return of the good-old N64's Goldeneye Sniper Rifle Whip.

Suggestions / Weapon rendered at its own FOV
« on: July 13, 2005, 06:24:51 PM »
In games like Serious Sam, the player can set their view FOV to anything they want but their weapon remains rendered at 90. I personally play every game I can at 110 fov, but in HL games my weapons become very distorted requiring me to edit every model and even then they still appear a bit distorted.

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