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Gold Source RELEASES / [HL, OF, SC] [9mmar] MP7a1
« on: January 13, 2011, 11:53:25 AM »
MP7a1 for Half-Life, Opposing Force, or Sven Coop. I didn't include Barney hands because, well.. they're just awful.

Peewees, sprites and sounds included. Have fun with it.


FN is definitely my favorite gun company, they just kick ass all around.

So, made a little pack for y'all.

Code: [Select]
Waqwarrior's FN Pack for Half-Life

Replaces the 9mmhandgun, .357 magnum,
9mmAR, and shotgun

FN Five-seveN - replaces 9mmhandgun
-model by TheLama and JohanSantana
-skin by Racer445
-animations by Junkie_Bastard
-sounds by DekuScrub
-GoldSrc conversion, HEV conversion,
idle animation, blood sweat and tears
by waqwarrior

FN P9 - replaces .357 magnum
-model by Azelito
-UVs by Flamshmizer
-skin by Insulaner
-animations by Valve
-sounds by MingeKiller

FN F2000 - replaces 9mmAR
-model by Ankalar
-skin by Numbrider
-animations by IIopn
-fire sounds by Ruslanikus
-mag/boltpull sounds by MingeKiller
-HEV conversion, idle animation by

FN SLP Shotgun - replaces...the shotgun.
-model by Twinke Masta
-UVs by Flamshmizer
-skin by Millenia
-animations by StrykerWolf
-sounds by FireArms 3.0

I've run into tons of strange glitches etc here. It's definitely not perfect. The p/w models were a pain, don't pay much attention to the 9mmclip, nothing to see there...hahaha.

Um..yeah. Hope you enjoy.

And before I forget:

HEV glove: texture by SoJa, fit to UVs by waqwarrior
HEV sleeve: texture by SoJa and RavenGT
HEV glove_chrome: texture by waqwarrior

You can use the chrome texture, just credit me. Have fun with the arm and glove textures, they remind me of the originals <3

Sprite-wise, ehh... it'd be difficult to edit the LD ones to fit the new weapons. Sorry.

Could do Opposing Force versions as well, if you want.

Also, if you have suggestions for more FN weapon replacements, let me know :P I mean, only for weapons that haven't been replaced yet. I did have the P90 instead of the F2000 for a while, but meh, the F2000 is much cooler, IMHO.

Smoothing is a bitch.

Preview video:
A bit has changed since that video. I added peewees and changed the shotgun's textures/size slightly.
Slight clipping issue with the shotgun when it does the idle and you're looking straight down, it's hardly noticeable. Meh.


Other Threads / If Earth was invaded by Xenians...
« on: October 24, 2010, 08:04:47 PM »
...what would you do?

How would you prepare?
What would you carry with you?
What gunz would you have?
Why would you carry what you'd carry?

I live in a town of around 200,000, so it wouldn't be easy.
But, assuming I'd be traveling on foot...
I'd definitely be working out like a madman daily.
I'd have my big backpack that contains food, water, first aid. Matches. Duct tape. Knife.

Btw, this is assuming that you have the money to afford this shit ;)

Around my left and right pockets would be
*two 1911s in holsters, a mag in each.
*two mag holders next to the holsters on either side, with a spare mag in each. (so, three mags total for each 1911.)

*FN F2000 with 40mm GL1 grenade launcher attached; F2000 goes from my left shoulder down to my right side.
*pouch that fits behind the holsters (one on each side) that can hold three spare F2000 mags

*two holders in the remaining space on my front, each holds a 40x46mm grenade.
*two frag grenades on my right side, hanging from the backpack strap.

If I could pull it off properly, I'd be a badass.
F2000 is light, it's got a scope, it's sleek, I dunno, I've always liked it. Would be easy to smack the fuck out of someone with as well.
I voted with 1911 over Glock. It was difficult because...
Glock has more ammo, but it's 9mm.
1911 has less ammo, but it's .45, I think I'd be more likely to kill something in one shot than with 9mm. Why take a chance?


What would you do?

Bored 'n stuff, look alive people!

Gold Source Tutorials / Hands Change Tutorial
« on: October 17, 2010, 06:59:33 PM »
One of the most common requests is for people to change the hands on a weapon. I requested the exact same thing a couple times. Now that I know myself, I’ll shed some light on the situation for all who don’t know.
1.   First things first, get Milkshape 3D. The trial won’t late you save stuff, so buy it or get it from a friend.
2.   Crucial to the success of this would be having Jed’s Half-Life Model Viewer. Install that. Then, download MDLDEC so you can decompile models. To use MDLDEC, place it in a directory (such as the HLMV installation directory), and, while in HLMV, go to Tools > Configure Tools, and point to the path of MDLDEC.exe. Don’t worry about StudioMDL, we’re going to be compiling with Milkshape.
3.    For this tutorial, we’re going to change the hands on this MP5 model. We’ll be converting from Ambient.Impact’s HEV arms to Sven Coop arms.
4.   Open the MP5 model on HEV arms in model viewer. Look at the animations, the way the arms move, etc. Get a feel for how the animations look when properly compiled.

(This is indeed the model, I just hacked a scope onto it, don’t worry that it’s not on yours.)

5.   Copy the v_9mmarHEV.mdl from the folder you viewed it in to a folder on your Desktop or work folder called “MDLDEC.” Now, open the model with HLMV, and go to Tools > Decompile model. In your MDLDEC folder, you will notice there are BMPs, SMDs, and a QC file. The QC file opens with Notepad, so set it up so that they open with it via a double click.
a.   The BMPs are set up to follow the model’s “UV Map,” that tells what parts of the 2D texture go on specific parts of the 3D model. It’s pretty intricate. We’ll mess with these later.
b.   SMDs can be references or sequences. Sequences are animations, and references are the different parts of the model. A reference SMD can only have so many vertices (around 2500) for a successful compile. Many “SD” models will have at least two reference SMDs. Sequences are animations. We don’t need to mess with those right now.
6.   For this tutorial, we will be converting this from HEV arms to SC arms, so decompile a model from Sven Coop (here the grenade), and copy the arm reference SMD and its textures to your MP5’s MDLDEC folder.
7.   Launch Milkshape 3D. Don’t let the screen overwhelm you, you’ll get used to it in no time. Now, you’ll want to import your HEV arm mesh first. Go to File > Import > Half-Life SMD. Navigate to your MDLDEC folder and click v_gordon_hands_ref. Next, a dialog box will come up, asking if you want to import Triangles, Skeleton, and/or Rename Bones. Here, import triangles and skeleton. You should get a screen like the one below.

a.   The blue lines are called joints, or the skeleton. The skeleton moves and bends in the animations. Certain parts of the model are assigned to certain joints to make the animations appear how they do when you see them.
b.   Also, if you want the screen to look exactly like mine, there are a couple steps you need to take. Right click on one of the four windows and look at the Projections option. I have it set up (starting from top left and going clockwise from there) as: Back, 3D, Left, Right.
c.   Finally, go to File > Preferences, the Misc tab, set Joint Size to “0.15.” The thinner the joints are, the easier they are to work with, in my experience.
8.   Next, import your Sven Coop arm mesh. When the dialog box appears for Import options, set it to import Triangles only. You’ll now notice that the Sven mesh is in the same place as the HEV mesh. Go to the Groups tab, and double click the group “V_Arm_Texture.” Now, go to the Model tab, and click Move so you can get it out of the way of the HEV mesh.

a.   I moved it out of the way. It’s a good idea to adjust the height of the arms on one side, so that on the left and right projections, when you select vertices, you only select them on one side rather than both.
b.   Also, in the Joints tab, click “Clear” while you have the Sven Coop arms selected.
9.   On the Model tab, click Select, then down below, under Select Options, click Vertex, and uncheck “Ignore Backfaces” if it’s checked.
10.   Go to the Joints tab. Since this is for a weapon model rather than an NPC, joints such as Bip01 and the Pelvis and Spine bones are typically not much of a worry. Scroll down until you get to the bone “Bip01 L Finger 0.” Click “SelAssigned.” This shows what vertices are assigned to that joint. Look at the bottom left window. You’ll see some vertices (dots) highlighted in red. Now, select the vertices in the same area on the SC thumb. (Holding shift when you select vertices allows you to select more vertices along with what’s already selected, rather than clearing what was previously selected.)
11.   When you’re satisfied with what you’ve selected, click “Assign.”

a.   Repeat this process for the rest of the bones. When you are satisfied with what you’re done, continue to step 12.
b.   Make sure no vertices go unassigned! To make sure everything is assigned to something, click “SelUnAssigned” and pray that no vertices are highlighted.
c.   After you’re done, save your work as an MS3D file (Ctrl+S).
12.   Now that you’ve got your vertices assigned (hopefully correctly), we have a couple more things to do before we export and compile.
a.   Select the HEV arms, and delete them. Now, select the Sven arms and move them so that they’re in line with the joints.
b.   Now, hit Ctrl+A or Select All, and hit Ctrl+T to open the Texture Coordinate Editor. While it’s open, click Move and place the UVs so they fit as closely as possible with the texture(s). When you’re satisfied, go to File > Export > Half-Life SMD. Name it v_sven_hands_ref or something of the like. When the Export Options dialog box comes up, make sure it’s set to Reference.
i.   Import one of the gun’s reference SMDs and adjust the UVs (They shift one pixel to the left when decompiled). Export. Do this one at a time, to assure a successful compile.
c.   Open your QC file in the MDLDEC folder. Find the line where it says “$body "studio" "v_gordon_hands_ref"”. Replace v_gordon_hands_ref with v_sven_hands_ref or whatever you named it.
13.   Ready to see how you did? Go to Tools > Half-Life > Compile QC File… and navigate to the QC you just edited. If you don’t get a successful compile, look back  at everything you did…


Feel free to ask further questions in this thread, especially if you're stuck or need something clarified.

Other Threads / A Certain Nostalgia...
« on: September 24, 2010, 09:52:37 PM »

I'm sure many of you old chaps remember WON, with it's eerie menus (albeit not very well organized), intro AVIs, and the neat-o LOADING screens, seen when you load a saved game, as seen above.

Steam has fixed many bugs with WON, but it's also a different beast in many ways. Is there a way to have this in the Steam version of Half-Life?

Models / Skins / My Milk won't make shapes any more
« on: September 08, 2010, 10:22:01 PM »
I've tried uninstalling, reinstalling, all I can to get Milkshape working. Starting yesterday, whenever I open it, I get this error message:

Code: [Select]
glGetError(): "invalid value" [1281], File: "..\src\GlViewport.cpp", Line: 846
I really can't find any information on it, don't know why this is happening or how to solve it, but evidently, it's something to do with OpenGL. I can render OpenGL just fine in Half-Life, at least. Dunno what the issue is.

Other Threads / Splash.
« on: September 08, 2010, 12:23:41 AM »
Hey kids of HIT.

SO I'm working on enhancement packs for Blue Shift, mainly LD style for HL, a mix with OF and BS. Yeah yeah.
Ambient.Impact made that sexy menu theme for Half-Life and I can only imagine he did BS:U as well.
My plan is to breathe new life into the classics we all know and love.

Ever seen default Opposing Force menu background? Ew, to say the least, especially for anyone playing at a high resolution.

I'm going to try to make a new menu background. Now, I'm not the greatest at this, but I might as well try and try again.
What would you guys like to see in a new splash?

All I have so far is a recreation of the original WON Opposing Force logo.
Obviously this will have military green etc as theme colors.

Throw your ideas at me and I'll try to make something sexy. Only at the drawing board now, I really don't know what to do, so I'm asking for your input.

Models / Skins / Porting an animation to a new skeleton
« on: August 17, 2010, 11:33:38 PM »
Is there a way to do it, other than re-animating?

Is it easy? Difficult? Any tutorials out there? Anyone willing to teach this fine nub?

So, I LOVE the LD MP5's "idle1" animation. It'd be great if I could port it to Gearbox's LD MP5 skeleton, because it has better shooting animations, better than the LD ones (imo).

Gold Source RELEASES / [xbow] H4wk's Synthetic Crossbow on LD animations
« on: August 16, 2010, 07:56:43 PM »
There's a little story with this, bear with me, kids.

Right now I'm working on a pack for Half-Life, eventually OF/BS, possibly DY. For now just the royal three. So many animation choices out there, and for Half-Life, I want to have mostly the original style, I much prefer it over Gearbox's and most custom stuff out there.
Everyone uses the HD animations for the crossbow. Sure, they're nice, quite similar to the original LD ones. Subtle differences are what make the atmosphere more enjoyable. For example, on one of the fidgets for the LD crossbow, when he flicks his fingers, the wire and weapon itself actually twitch a little bit! Pretty awesome when I found that out. So I figured LD animations would be best for the crossbow.

If you've ever decompiled the LD crossbow, you'd notice it's got... a pretty stupid refpose for the hands. In fact, Valve's is the same as how the gun is held, it's a total bitch to rig anything to it without a lot of work. DiamonD was helping me change the refpose, but that had some glitches to it. Just for kicks I was messing around in Opposing Force with impulse 101 and noticed the crossbow... decompiled it and it has an easy refpose! Pretty much flat, It's the same as HD, easy work. I rigged the arms. The difficult part was rigging H4wk's Crossbow to it, the LD crossbow uses the strangest refpose, they basically dissected the weapon into pieces. Lots of work went into this, you'd better appreciate it!
/cool story from yer bro

As the title says, H4wk's Synthetic Crossbow on Valve's original animations.

Arms currently available:
Ambient.Impact's HEV arms
Ambient.Impact's HEV arms + Renard's hand paks (no missing faces and raped smoothing as seen on his LD-HD arm release)
NEW: HD Soldier arms (whew that was a lot of work)

I could rig AI's OF/BS arms if anyone wants them.

-model by Gearbox, Red Slug, Stoke
-skin by Red Slug, Stoke, H4wk, Jack-o-Dragon, Besli
-animations by Valve
-AI HEV arms +- hand paks rigged by waqwarrior

I'm using Besli's HD style wood grips, if you want the originals, along with p/w's, go here.

Only issues I can think of off the top of my head would be the arm clipping through the weapon a bit, but that was on the LD OF arms as well, albeit not as noticeable. The wires aren't perfect, it seems like, but they were a pain and it's fine. Any others let me know.


EDIT: An -orgasmic- screenie for you.
Saved in shitty JPEG so you can download and get the full beauty ;)

[File not found]

Models / Skins / Bare Hands.
« on: August 14, 2010, 04:24:04 AM »
Kay, so, I'm working on a Barney arm mesh to use with my weapons, and I'm looking for hands that are better than AI's. The reason for this is to have more realistically bending hands whem they animate, the current ones don't quite suit my taste.

So far I've tried Project Timeless's arms, problem was the texture had too many contrast issues that I couldn't fix, just like H4wk's Barney hand skin.

If you know of any good bare hand models (I can hack off the actual hands no problem), please share them. Any mods that have a nice mesh is fine. Source or Goldsource would be great, either works for me.

Conversation / Further Data
« on: August 02, 2010, 07:02:14 PM »
Further Data

Quote from: Half-Life Wiki
.....Half-Life: Further Data, a collection of multiplayer maps, models and logo sprays.....

Does anyone happen to have this CD? Might be some interesting Deathmatch maps. Anyone remember dm_offices from the leaked Dreamcast port? Some fresh logo sprays would be interesting too.

Models / Skins / Are there any Nihilanth reskins out there?
« on: July 19, 2010, 04:16:10 AM »
Are there any (quality) Nihilanth reskins out there? I haven't seen any around, and I'm a bit on the doubting side that there are any... he IS a big beast to tackle. If anyone has one tucked away in their hard drive, don't be afraid to post it.

If there are none, just say it. I am by no means requesting a reskin, I'd rather do it myself.

edit: I've searched around, haven't come across any.

Code: [Select]
Minuit's Glock on HD animations==
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

-model by Minuit
-animations by Gearbox excluding the Fire animation by Red Slug
-arm sets by Ambient.Impact
-model hack by waqwarrior/ErebusTheDark


Comments, Critiques, comment below.

Enjoy :P

[File not found]

Gold Source RELEASES / [9mmAR] Abyss25's G36 on Gearbox animations
« on: June 27, 2010, 10:14:23 PM »
Code: [Select]
**G36 on Gearbox Animations**

Original by Abyss25
Ported from HD animations to Gearbox's MP5 animations by waqwarrior

HEV and Soldier arm meshes by Ambient.Impact
Barney arm mesh by Gearbox

Sounds -- shoot sounds were found on FPSB, from CS:S, but the site isn't loading for me, will add the author to the credits when I find out.
The reload sounds were from a RAR called "M49mmar"... no credits.txt was found there, so I can't credit them.
The hgrunt firing sounds were compiled by waqwarrior

Redistribute as you wish, just include the credits here.

^ From the credits

Known issues: some clipping. The left arm would ideally be placed farther forward, but that screws up the reload animation, so enjoy it now. The gun is huge, sorta like the F2000.

Arm sets -- currently on HEV, Soldier, and Barney arms. Coming soon: LD-HD arms


Comments, constructive critiques are welcome.

[File not found]

Other Threads / Crossfire
« on: May 29, 2010, 07:57:38 PM »
My motherboard is P55-UD5. My graphics card is a Radeon HD 5770, it uses an x16 slot. I have two cards but I have not installed the second one. I can't just stick it in another x16 slot, I believe their bandwidth is (was, now...) being used by my RAID array. My mobo is inefficiently designed: if I put another card in the other "x16" slot, the two cards become x8 cards, 4% difference between that and two true x16s. How can I configure my computer/BIOs to allow me to run Crossfire? Trying yesterday destroyed my RAID array. This is a pain and I'm not sure where to ask. Google hasn't been a huge help

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