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Mods / [WiP] Resident Evil Valiant
« on: December 09, 2010, 04:58:06 PM »
Hello, i'd like to take the time to present a nice HL1 mod called  "Resident Evil Valiant"

Name: Resident Evil - Valiant
Mode: Singleplayer
Mod: Half Life 1 / Spirit of Half Life
Content: Custom Models/Maps/Textures/Sounds
Levels: 5 so Far but mostly Unfinishede
Finished: Unknown
Style: Zombies and Grunts
1 Mapper (me)
1 part-time mapper
1 part time coder (only doing the hud)
Story: This Mod Takes place in the Resident Evil Universe, ur part of the Raccoon City Police Department when Hell Break loose and Zombies invade the City, ur Police Chopper is Flying around the City when being hit and Forced to land.
Startarea 1+2

Umbrella Laboratories1

Umbrella Laboratories2




and now for the Special Effect, a new HUD made of 3 ECG Sprites in Red green and yellow displaying the Health :))

questions? ask me :)

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