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Suggestions / They were going to...
« on: August 23, 2005, 11:54:27 AM »
If you were ever browsing through the sounds of HL 1 (Because you have nothing better to do), you might've noticed a couple of extra sounds that were never used in the game (Mainly in the barney folder) such as :
c1a2_ba_climb.wav, c1a2_ba_goforit.wav, c2a4_ba_steril.wav, etc.

Is Half-Life : Enhanced going to add events using these sounds? (c1a2_ba_climb.wav and c1a2_ba_goforit.wav are probably meant for the elevator shaft just before "We've Got Hostiles!" (It would be so funny to see Barney try to reach the ladder and fall to his death))

Just wondering


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