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Gold Source RELEASES / Re: Hλlf-Life: Plutonium edition
« on: August 14, 2009, 03:02:06 PM »
Hey guys, get ready for v2. It will have a wider range of models with higher resolutions, (maybe)

OK, I'm here to ask you something:

Here in the forum have some skin that changes the texture of the water, beyond this?

Gold Source RELEASES / Re: Hλlf-Life: Plutonium edition
« on: August 04, 2009, 10:18:16 AM »

Go have a field day.

This is COOL.

I have downloaded almost half of the models available.

Thanks, KylerAdams!

Gold Source RELEASES / Re: Hλlf-Life: Plutonium edition
« on: August 03, 2009, 07:15:18 PM »
Not even noticed ...  ;D ;D :D

Well, I will try and take a look here in the forums ...

If you please could give me some good packs to download?

Packs to improve the very Half Life 1?

Probably possible. I don't know how.

And why?

I just don't get people's fascination with WON HL. Oh, sure. It's 'nostalgic". That's great. It's also at least half a decade out of date, and hasn't been updated since 2004 or so.




Steam needs the Internet to function. I have no Internet, how many other people;

The games need to Valve's Steam, and Steam needs the Internet, which I do not have hence WON HL becomes the best alternative for people like me.

Source RELEASES / Re: [Pack] HL: S HD/SD Pack
« on: August 03, 2009, 10:56:08 AM »
I think the point you are missing is that you have broken one of the rules of these forums.  Since you can be banned for any one of these you might read them before you get too cocky.  This one in particular:

Ai, ai, ai, ai........  ;D

I did not know, incidentally, is that I never read the rules of the forums. But I did not know, that's why I asked what the problem is, but now I know and many apologies to all.

A well there at all.

Source RELEASES / Re: [Pack] HL: S HD/SD Pack
« on: July 31, 2009, 03:36:36 PM »
Well next time you watch the date of the posts you will not bump old threads where the discussion is long time over.

Nobody cared for it it is like you would say hey guys Doom came out...16 years ago did you know? ^^

Well, now that this this case, I say:

Depends on the person, if the person would like to Doom, before it was able to accept ...  :D :D :D :D

Source RELEASES / Re: [Pack] HL: S HD/SD Pack
« on: July 31, 2009, 02:05:17 PM »
Did you notice you were replying to a post from June of 2005?

You might look for that next time so you are not inadvertently bumping a thread from prehistoria. ;)

And then? What is the problem?

Source RELEASES / Re: [Pack] HL: S HD/SD Pack
« on: July 31, 2009, 09:39:44 AM »
I have tried to use the HL2 models (like ichthyosaur or headcrab) in HLS but they dont attack me ,i cant fix them because i dont know how to model , would you try to put them in hls on your next release?

Congratulations for the job

Using Models of HL2 in HLS without any kind of conversion is impossible, I know this because I tried to use the HEV of HL2 in HLS and could not, gave error.

Furthermore, to use some models of HL2 in HLS, as Vortiguants, you had to do ragdolls and other things, that is was hard work.

Steam came with out with the update for CZ after it stopped supporting WON. So it's completely possible to patch WON HL to use detail textures + all the lovely Steam addons, but probably too much work for anybody who can code to be bothered to do it.

And possible?

If it is, tell me how, please, please .......

I am willing to take all the work to take my WON HL and updated with Detail Textures running.

For those who don't know, DiamonD's Half-Life pack includes these detail textures. I noticed also that these work only on OpenGL mode.
Correct me if I'm wrong.

No, you are correct. At least, my computer shows that you are correct.

In D3D, the Detail Textures do not work. And the Diamond Detail Textures only work on versions of legal Half-Life 1.

I think this is a bit boring. But I find strange because my Condition Zero Non-Steam works on my computer, including the Condition Zero Detail Textures. It is strange.

Gold Source RELEASES / Re: Hλlf-Life: Plutonium edition
« on: July 30, 2009, 09:23:57 AM »
Well.. I could say just one thing... I'm number 67 in the list,  :D;

Anyway, if you like to learn something, you've came to the right place. I said that the pack is waste of space since on this board there are tones better packs for half-life. And this one is nothing compared to them.

Not even noticed ...  ;D ;D :D

Well, I will try and take a look here in the forums ...

Gold Source RELEASES / Re: Hλlf-Life: Plutonium edition
« on: July 29, 2009, 07:32:26 PM »
Epic Lawls!

Well, welcome to the forum.  If you have a look around these forums you should find better models or packs to download than this one.

First, thanks to all, including the Napoleon.

First, okay I confess that the kiss the feet there was not very good. I spoke without thinking. Not even Napoleon saw the list, that is why I sent that comment. To err is human, all wrong, and at that time was my time to making mistakes. So I apologize to everyone.

Second, I think I do not understand well your comments. All of this because I'm Portuguese and to learn English. Therefore, I do not understand much of English.

Third, not to be dissatisfied with something in your pack, do the following: retreat various sounds, sprites and models of various packs like that, and then with them all in a single pack. So, I have all the skins that I like.

Fourth (and last  ;D), I'm trying to figure something Skinning to various projects and then make them available to you to download. Someone may try to help me with my projects? I am trying to do some different arms for HEV Suite, and like you I had a little help ...

A thank you to all.

Gold Source RELEASES / Re: Hλlf-Life: Plutonium edition
« on: July 29, 2009, 11:56:13 AM »
I don't even know where to start with you.

Basically, kind of a big deal.

Man, I'm getting tired of this ...
I will explain my opinion and explained to avoid confusion.

My view is:
This pack, for me, gives a new life to this game. Things that were only possible with the Source version of Half-Life, are now possible in this engine, as ragdolls. Yes, I know, much of this pack are written by Diamond, but that is why he is in the credits, no? It also contains many extra things, for example, a new AI
This pack, combined with some more additional skins, close to most of the Half-Life mod Black Mesa Source. Until now there is a remake of c1a0 map mod, using the engine GoldSrc ...

I want to stop these idiots discussions, each one has his opinion. Although I do not make skins (admittedly, I know nothing of Skinning, got 13 years), I want to be your friend and want to contribute to this forum ...
Views fantastic things that this forum is doing?

Gold Source RELEASES / Re: Hλlf-Life: Plutonium edition
« on: July 29, 2009, 11:37:51 AM »

Hey, calm down, man, I have not told you anything

Hmm.. Non Steam = Illegal.

This is a bit unfair of you. As I told you in another topic, I do not have internet at home, and I am not only are many more people. Not all versions of games can use the store bought, legal. I think you be wrong, my opinion is only one.
And to finish, I request the same: try to do this for non-steam, please.

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