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Conversation / Re: German gov't considers jail time for gamers
« on: December 13, 2006, 08:43:50 PM »
Min Rizor and Red Slug pointed out the problem our country currently is facing.
Somebody goes nuts, and members of our glorious government blame the easiest attackable victim: Ego Shooter, or how they like to call them: "Killer Games".

The fact that this guy had social problems and wasn't very happy with his life and blamed the society for it isn't very attractive for a headline in the media. It's all about votes and the best way possible convincing the simple minded german citizens.

This person had planned every detail of his revenge and explained his reasons and his slowly disconnection of the society clearly in a letter that he had left.

But I doubt that this event will indeed affect our law, which already is strict about violence in the media. Germany is part of the European Union and can't provide bills all the way they want. That fact is the saving point and will keep gamers from any ridiculous regulations their old fashioned government currently is planning. Luckily enough, our country is a well going market place for video games and that way of censorship could easily hurt the economy. Some of you mentioned Crytec.

Censoring video games would only be the first step to damage a democracy and the freedom of speech. You have to think about that those rules would criminalize millions of people who are only in possession of games like Half-Life or Counter Strike. That will hopefully never happen...

Always use Kratisto's MDL decompiler instead of the other MDL decompiler that comes with Milkshape. That's assuming you did use the other decompiler.

Thanks for the advise. I decompiled with the other tool and the animations seem to work correct now. I will update the topic.

It's not a fault of the model, it's animated like that. Well, the animations seem to be messed up a little more than only that; see 'tentacle_grab' sequence from this model and compare it with the same from original AI's scientist. That is most likely Milkshape's mdl decompiler's fault, it messes up animations :(

Yeah, you're right. It seems that the movement of some sequences is missing. Yup, decompiling messed up some stuff.

The middle finger...

Ah, didn't see that, but I didn't create the models I just put the animations together. I've just checked the original AI opfor model and there seems to be the same problem, so no compiling error.

This is an scientist model that includes all animations and heads used in Half-life, Blue Shift and Opposing Force. I made this because I think it is more friendly for creating own single player maps. It offers a bigger pallet for the usage of scripted sequences, so you can keep the file size as small as possible and don't need to include any extra models for just one sequence.

Original models by Ambient.Impact.

Have fun!



I've fixed the problem with some messed up sequences.

[File not found]

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