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Author Topic: how to attach the sequence ?  (Read 1332 times)

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how to attach the sequence ?
« on: March 16, 2009, 08:10:08 AM »

i find a way to fix HLDMS player model but i need code for this.

and i know default HLDMS player model also using it.

if any of you guys know the code to make them work please reply.

all blend animation used code and that code attach to look_idle and crouch_idle sequence so if any of you know how i can attach the look_idle and crouch_idle sequence to blend animation please let me know.

example: "ref_aim and ref_shoot attach to look_idle" || "crouch_aim and crouch_shoot attach to crouch_idle"

$sequence ref_aim_crowbar "ref_aim_crowbar_blend1" "ref_aim_crowbar_blend2" loop fps 12 blend XR -50.00 45.00

$sequence ref_shoot_crowbar "ref_shoot_crowbar_blend1" "ref_shoot_crowbar_blend2" fps 24 blend XR -50.00 45.00

$sequence crouch_aim_crowbar "crouch_aim_crowbar_blend1" "crouch_aim_crowbar_blend2" loop fps 12 blend XR -50.00 45.00

$sequence crouch_shoot_crowbar "crouch_shoot_crowbar_blend1" "crouch_shoot_crowbar_blend2" fps 24 blend XR -50.00 45.00

or 2nd way is bones.

blend animation not using other bones down bip01 spine1
so thats mean there is something to do with bip01 spine with attaching look_idle and crouch_idle sequnce.

if i get the code then model work.

Thats why no one made any PLAYER models for HLDMS because they don't know how to fix it.

SO please guy's help me with it so i can make HIGH DEFINATION PLAYER PACK.
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