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Author Topic: Ragnarok Arena Remastered Beta 2 Released  (Read 1489 times)

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Ragnarok Arena Remastered Beta 2 Released
« on: April 10, 2009, 12:31:12 PM »

I tell you what, I'm a bit of an impatient nerd. If things had gone my way, you all would have the latest version of Ragnarok Arena Remastered. Unfortunately, the version I uploaded had a small bug (Every time you shot someone, the server crashed) that would have probably been overlooked by the general public, but the team just demanded that I fix it.

Download Ragnarok Arena Remastered Beta 2 Now!
This has all happened before and will happen again, and again.

Fortunately, I listened to the voice of reason and the new beta is being released in the time frame of now. What'd we add? Well, I can summarize the list with a few simple words: A few things.

Quote from: Changelist

    * Moved to the latest Orange Box SDK, thus implementing proper third person animations
    * Proper teamplay added with identifiable teams
    * Weapon Added: Sawed Off Shotgun
    * Older weapons balanced and tweaked
    * Six new player models for the new teams
    * Five new maps, three old maps tweaked
    * Numerical health value re-added, image based health bar nixed
    * Loadout menu added, most weapon pickups removed from maps
    * Plus a handful and a half of bug fixes

Now, I know what you're saying to yourself RIGHT NOW. "Damn it, the original release was okay, but it had no servers." Fortunately, we have that covered with at least three dedicated, stable servers running right now with a new dedicated server archive released alongside the mod.

Now, a special treat for those of you who enjoy social contact while playing your game. I'll be holding a Skype conference with the team and anyone who wishes to drop by while playing the mod throughout all afternoon tomorrow.

To get in on such prestigious wastes of bandwith, simply send the Skype username "RagnarokArenaSuperFriendsClub" a friend invite. Don't have Skype? You can find it here. It's free to use and all sorts of fun stuff. And remember, if you're not there.... you're probably someone who has something better to do with a Friday evening.

ps. While reading through the old Dev Blog, I realized that I said the patch would be out before Battlestar Galactica started up again. Hooo was I wrong. The show's finale was like, three weeks ago ferchristsakes.
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