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Author Topic: a few things (npcs)  (Read 3333 times)

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a few things (npcs)
« on: April 24, 2009, 05:19:46 AM »

Hello. New around here on the forums, but i've been hanging around for a while. I really love your idea of Enhancing the HL engine. i have a few suggestions though.

1. the shotgun: how bout including a auto fire instead of a double burst, Sven 4.0 style. A real SPAS 12 from what i've researched doesn't have a double burst and therefor kinda doesn't fit the shotgun, unless you're doing a new shotty model.

2. female npcs: yes, i know this has been suggested too many times, but it's a really good idea. i know 2 women that can do voice acting for a female sci npc and a female Barney npc. after all, isn't Black mesa "An Equal Opputunity"?

3. Vortigaunt behavior: how bout like in the beginning of HL, Vortigaunts looks at you for a moment then grabs it's collar and then starts to charge to kill you. at least it shows some resistance of trying to kill you against his will.

4. Eli, Barney, and Maggnusson's own models: why not? you DO encounter them  before (and Eli after the incident) the incident. and for the Barney, make him not have his armor (you get it later on in BS).

5. Agrunts run&melee Combo: yea, sven Coop. but it is a good idea.

6. Gonomes: Gonomes are going to be in HL right? if so, will there be zombies more mutated than gonomes?

7. GUS: why not add Gus to HL? there were plenty of places in HL where valve could've added him.

8. alot of races: why just add a blk skin? how bout latino and asian skin for all NPC's, including the Female NPCs (well if you add them)

9. Hgrunts run around and shoot combo: again, Sven Coop 4.0

10. SAWS and RPGs: it would make sense of adding the m249 to Hgrunts in HL

11. Hgrunt behavior: how about some Hgrunts showing or expressing remorse about killing the Innocent. im sure not all of them are heartless bastards.

12. Race X: by any chance, could you squeeze these critters in like at the lamda chapter.

13. BlkOps: by anychance, could there be male BlkOps?

14. make me all hl beta files i need by thurs
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Re: a few things (npcs)
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2009, 01:30:44 PM »

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Re: a few things (npcs)
« Reply #2 on: May 09, 2009, 02:30:40 PM »

1. A little over the top maybe?
2.Hmm Don't mind although yes, it would add to the realism.

3.That could be harder said then done, although to much "behavior" could make it worse.

4.Yeah it would be good if they had there own models.

5.Now that's what would spice the grunts up a little.

6.There should be more zombies as gonomes are much rarer. Don't really understand this question but gonomes are more mutated then zombies.

7.Gus? I might know who he is ...

8.suppose but then again this is peoples opinions.

9. I think they were thinking to adding the run and shoot? Hope so, it would be sweet.

10.Personally I like them having the original weapons for Half-Life like the MP5 for the Grunts.

11.Yeah that would be excellent because Adrian Shepard never hurt Black Mesa Personally yet again he never got ordered to because of the incident with the osprey crashing.

12.No idea :D Either way I'd be happy.

13.Male Black Ops would be good, much more fighting happening with the aliens versus the HECU soldiers versus the Black Ops. :)

14.That's not a suggestion :D