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Author Topic: [WIP] Half-Life: Particle Fusion & Overturn  (Read 4346 times)

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[WIP] Half-Life: Particle Fusion & Overturn
« on: April 01, 2011, 12:05:13 AM »

[EDIT]: Shit, I just noticed this is in the wrong section of the Mods section, please move it to the father/mother board.

Joint mods that a friend and I have been working on for awhile.

First one being Half-Life: Particle Fusion, my main mod. :) This mod is based on all the cool things you saw in Opposing Force, Blue Shift, and those other cool mods that I cannot recall the names of at the moment. Time for some useless information! :D

This mod first started out under the name of "Half-Life: Ghosthunter" as I planned on combining the coolness of Ghostbusters and the PS2 game into the GoldSource engine. Alas, I was still mentally impaired in the section of Half-Life modding so this mod died pretty damn quickly. After I gained some experience with mapping and smooth talking (annoying a friend to do model hacks for me.) This mod was revived again, under this name. And this time, I plan to deliver.

Stuff in the mod so far:

New Weapons:

    (All weapons in Opposing Force)
    GAU-19 (Minigun)
    MP5 AND M4A1
    Ithaca 37 Stakeout Shotgun
    Glock 18 AND Beretta
    [Classified Prototype Weapon]
    [Classified Biological Weapon]

New Monsters:

    (All Monsters from Opposing Force)
    Human Assault
    Warcrab Zombie
    Military Barney
    and many more to come...


    Stunning Visuals - SD/HDlike atmosphere.
    Deep and Intriguing Storyline - Feel as if your character is a real person!
    Huge Replay Value - With the multiple endings, control how Carlos makes it out of Black Mesa, multiple times.
    Enhanced Engine - Uses the Raven City engine for maximum awesomeness!

Pictures of Progress:

I am currently looking for some voice actors who are relatively well at impersonating G-Man and/or the scientists.


Now, onto Overturn:

A mod trying to bring us back to the simple days of Doom and Quake, where you just had to get that simple key to progress, and you just went around killing shit for fun. This mod tries to recreate that feel, but combining it with a simple story and scripted sequences to keep the storyline in place. I will assure you, this mod will feature lots of mindless gore and will pack a lot of fun in as well.

So far for the weapons, we have:

    Single-barrel Pump Shotgun
    Double Barrel Shotgun
    Glock 18
    GAU-19 (Minigun)
    Flare Pistol
    Sniper Rifle
    Desert Eagle
    and the Displacer (not able to teleport self, though)
    [Classified Prototype Weapon]
    [Classified Biological Weapon]
    and many more to come...

And so far for the new monsters we have:

    Sarge (Heavy Weapons Grunt)
    Mutated Grunts
    Mutated Sarge
    Mad Scientists
    and many more to come...

Pictures of Progress:

We are currently looking for some good low poly modelers and texturers.

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Re: [WIP] Half-Life: Particle Fusion & Overturn
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2011, 12:12:27 AM »

Nice pics!