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Author Topic: [HL 9mmAR Animations] Change to CS:CZ Anim.  (Read 3637 times)

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[HL 9mmAR Animations] Change to CS:CZ Anim.
« on: May 24, 2011, 06:36:14 AM »

Hello there HIT Modellers. I just need a little help here, a help on animations. I was working on my weapon pack for HL1 and seems that I don't know anything in animations but only in re-origin-ing and re-texturing models. So if you would be so kind, can you change the original animations of the M4 into the infamous CS:CZ Deleted Scenes M4A1? It seems cool for a M4, in my opinion. So, can you help me please? And could somebody please fix the M203, it looks kinda bulky and needs to be a bit smaller.

Oh, and Credits to Aydin for this epic model. And waqwarrior for the awesome HEV Arms from his new crossbow skin. And also Gunz for the gordon_glove_Chrome bitmap texture.

I don't know if this image will work or not, here it is...

Link to the great weapons:

M4 Skin Thread: http://hl-improvement.com/forums/gold-source-models/%289mmar%29-*sigh*-another-m4-2nd-update-now-a-m203-version-!/

LD Anims on Crossbow Skin Thread: http://hl-improvement.com/forums/gold-source-models/%28xbow%29-h4wk%27s-synthetic-crossbow-on-ld-animations/

Err, I forgot Gunz's HEV Link. Sorry.

One note though: Don't use the draw animations of the CS:CZ:DS M4A1 (Animation pulls the side-thingy of the weapon), It's not good in my opinion. Thanks!

-DaftPunkinHL aka Bumblebee.

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