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Hey guys,
I downloaded the Uplink demo from your site, the one which includes the robot skins for the marines.
Now my retail version of Half Life is also affected and I cant get it back to normal.
I reinstalled the game and deleted the demo, but it still didn't work.
It is the Steam version, Half Life Anthology.
Please, tell me what to do.

Just deleting the Uplink directory should remove it.

Also, It sounds more like you have the German version of Half-Life. This version apparently had robots rather than marines.

Well, I did remove the Uplink and it still nothing has changed.
But the Uplink is gone from my Steam acount.
NPCs and monsters don't bleed, instead of gibs there are pieces of junk, literaly.
And the NPCs themselves sit on the greoun and shake their heads when they "die".
I can't even gib the corpses, they just fade out.
Maybe the files themselves are somewhere in some directory, crap, I don't know.

That really doesn't sound like anything Uplink would do. For a start we dont even include any new models or edited code.

Do you have the German version of Half-Life?

It's in english.


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