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Author Topic: Xash3D Engine - custom Gold Source engine build from a scratch  (Read 4631 times)

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Hello, guys! Let me inform you that no so far ago was released a new public build of Xash3D Engine. Now the latest build is 2015. This version contains a lot of bug fixes, improvements and new advanced features. Xash3D (if you still know nothing about it) is a custom Gold Source engine build from a scratch which overcomes obsolete Gold Source engine's limits. It allows you to play almost any Half-Life mod (especially - singleplayer mods) with new quality of gaming experience. For example, you can easily use high-quality textures (up to 4096 x 4096 px) for any map object or studiomodel in any mod. Also you can use this engine to create new fantastic mods for Half-Life with new advanced features - source codes of Xash3D are fully opened and released under GPL license, so you can not only use any existing features of this engine, but you can also add something new for needs of your mod.

Please visit Xash3D page on ModDB to get more info and to download latest build:

Here is also a direct link for download from HLFX.ru forum:

Official thread (on Russian, but you can use English too):
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