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Author Topic: Please do NOT ask when the mod is going to be released!  (Read 8305 times)

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Please do NOT ask when the mod is going to be released!
« on: July 24, 2005, 11:48:40 AM »

Or any questions like those in the topic.  I guarantee you will get the same answer out of me, or abusive ones from others!  So to spare yourselves the pain READ THIS:

The official release date is: WHEN ITS DONE!  Yeah, we know lots of people say it, but its for ours, and your own good.  If we miss a deadline that we published we're screwed and you won't like it either.

An approximate % of completion is located on our ModDB entry.  Until further notice please refrain from making wild estimations on release date, badgering staff for release dates and making new threads asking about it!

At a later date we MAY create some sort of media update but it's definitely not confirmed so no promises.  Thats all for now!

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