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Author Topic: Model Showcase Rules  (Read 6141 times)

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Model Showcase Rules
« on: June 06, 2005, 07:41:09 PM »

1- Models must be posted inside a zip, including the model(s), sounds, sprites, credits (VERY IMPORTANT) and picture (optional, and in JPEG format)

2- Threads in which the models are posted should use Tags "[Tag Example]" for easier search inside the showcase.

3- When posting models in packs, tag the thread properly. Ex: [Azure Sheep] Revised HD Pack. Rule nº 1 (Picture, credits, models and sounds) also applies here.

4- NO RETAIL MODELS , and this includes HL2 -> HL1 or vice versa.

5- Followed from rule nº 4. Condition Zero models are also not allowed to be converted to other modifications. So every Condition Zero model or Condition Zero related material that is posted and it’s not for the use in Condition Zero will be deleted and a warn given to the poster. (Same punishment applies on rule 4)

6- All models should be credit correctly. If you do not know who made the model that you hacked/based on, please be free to ask a moderator or a prestigious modeler. (And don't send half-assed PM’s too, or we won't even respond to you).

7- No simple reskins. This includes simple hue/color changes or quick reskins. ( Unless it’s a quality one). If you do have a reskin, please post it in other releases, unless you personally feel this skin completely changes the feel of the model and adds a whole new level of excitement to the model

8- When rating/commenting on a model, please, put some effort on it. This is a forum and not IRC. Posts don't need to be made in 2-3 seconds and without proper grammar and with two sentences that don't even make sense together.
 When replying to a release thread, please use creative comments. Do not just say "wow this is cool". Also do not flame models, or attempt to backseat moderate (Check rule number 10). If you find someone has posted a degenerate recolor, don't jump at the man's throat. Wait for the moderators to do their job, take it easy. If you find a model you strongly dislike, don't say it sucks. Give constructive criticism.

9- Use your judgment; is your model worthy of being posted? Did you just throw together a bunch of privatives and add a chrome texture? Please don't post that. Unless you feel that the community will benefit from your model or skin, don't post it. If it was a special request for one person, please arrange that transaction in private.

10- Do not backseat moderate. That means, do not try to do a Moderator job, even if you are doing it good willed. We appreciate it, but we don't need it.


Regards, H.I.T Admin & Moderator team.

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