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Author Topic: Rules for the WHOLE board.  (Read 4535 times)

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Rules for the WHOLE board.
« on: September 04, 2005, 12:33:37 PM »

Okay I seriously thought I wouldn't need to post this, because I thought you guys KNEW how to behave on a forum. But I guess I was wrong.

1) No flaming whatsoever. You don't need to release your anger on some poor little lowly newbie just because your mummy don't love you no more.
2) Spamming in anyway is completely intolerable. Refer to the spamming topic if you have no idea what spam is. (You freaking Hawaiian.)
3) Spamming also includes 'emphasis' posts, such as quoting a reply and leaving your text field empty. Read the dictionary to understand the word emphasis. You god damn 4th grader.
4) Bumping old posts is completely intolerable. We'll let you get away with it once, but after that you will be warned. And if you continued, set on moderated so you'll never be able to do it again. And trust me it aren't fun to sign on the forum and see like 2851098 posts pending moderation. Agh.
5)Another thing that is intolerable is yelling and screaming in a bump topic, constantly informing the necromancer of his undoing. You don't need to do it, so stfu and fuck your sister like a good Nancy boy.
6) Swearing like daza is a bad idea, daza has many anger problems and hence forth is allowed to swear. You're allowed you swear however, don't go nuts fucking mc fucks mcgee.
7) Moderators and admins are your friends, until the point you start fucking them off. Treat them with respect and you'll get the same back. They're human after all.
8) Moderator abuse/admin abuse should be sent to either Matt(Newt) or I. If its Daza thats doing the admin abuse, send it to Matt. Because your most likely wrong, I just do my job =D.
9) Regulars must still follow these rules,  I don't care how much of your life you waste on this damn forum.
10) Be nice at all times. Or you won't get any cookies from Lurid.

EDIT: Also! We have a moderator report button, so don't post and tell a moderator what to do. Use the report button and it'll come straight to us and we'll wtfpwn it.
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