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Author Topic: Compiling HL2's SourceCode With VS C++ '05 Express  (Read 2637 times)

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Compiling HL2's SourceCode With VS C++ '05 Express
« on: March 02, 2007, 10:03:59 PM »

Simple way

Ok, this is more of a fix, than a tutorial.
I didn't write all though need to make some corrections...
[Required Files]
Free Download (Get C++ version)
Platform SDK
DirectX SDK

Once done installing, follow that tutorial until you hit Step 3.
It asks for you to add the following lines into VC+ Directories
C:\Program Files\Microsoft DirectX SDK (February 2006)\Include
C:\Program Files\Microsoft DirectX SDK (February 2006)\Lib\x86 

Change the 2006 to 2007, and keep following the tutorial.

When you hit Step 3b, it'll ask you to change a file.
Update the corewin_express.vsprops file.

One more step is needed to make the Win32 template work in Visual C++ Express. You need to edit the corewin_express.vsprops file (found in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\VCProjectDefaults) and

Change the string that reads:

AdditionalDependencies="kernel32.lib" to

AdditionalDependencies="kernel32.lib user32.lib gdi32.lib winspool.lib comdlg32.lib advapi32.lib shell32.lib ole32.lib oleaut32.lib uuid.lib"
Instead download my fixed version Here.
Place it in "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\VCProjectDefaults" folder.

Then Open up the code, Change the build type to Debug_HL2 to Release_HL2 and compile!
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