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Author Topic: Flush Entities - cause of crashing?  (Read 1918 times)

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Flush Entities - cause of crashing?
« on: June 12, 2007, 01:26:57 PM »

I haven't played any of the internal versions of HL:E, but I was wondering if crashing could be caused by Entities not being flushed when changing levels.  Entity Flushing is something specific to a compiled BSP (set in Hammer, under "Flush Entities - Yes/No), and I suspect that the ragdolls may be interfering with it (they may be falling into the void outside of the map area)

Changing levels in Half Life requires the game to "remember" where certain Entities were in previous levels the player has visited, which may well be problematic for Ragdolls in the GSrc engine.

One possible solution would be a trigger_changelevel similar to one used in most other games (or more specifically Quake, which uses similar entity code I believe), or at least some manner of loading a map similar to as if it were just loaded from the console.
Alternatively setting the mod's maps to Flush Entities (though this might require some alterations to level design in the final version)

The only other thing I can think of outside of coding that would be causing the game to crash is the SD models used by the team, which in combination with the ragdoll code may be causing the GSrc engine to exceed its limits (the SD models alone can cause crashing if used in large quantities on Vanilla HL1)

Maybe you could try out some small test maps to see if it works?  Anyway I hope this is of some help!