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Author Topic: [HL1: CS/HL1: CZ] Halo Mod  (Read 2262 times)

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[HL1: CS/HL1: CZ] Halo Mod
« on: September 02, 2007, 07:19:06 PM »

Ok first things first...I truly am not the best at descriptions for this thing...& it has been changed a lot throughout its history. Here we go...

Ok this is a CS/CZ modification/plugin. Notice how I have modification/plugin that is because this is technically speaking a plugin that requires the use of Amxmodx. But it is a modification because it changes the gameplay for CS/CZ dramatically.

This mod/plugin is and does exactly what the name says. It converts your CS/CZ server into a Halo type of server. It includes multiple features that relate to Halo.

I shall not list everything...as it is a lot...trust me.

But a few of its features are it has TDM(This is and was the only mode we had available originally still competition came around and we decided to get this to work with other plugins for more modes), DM, CTF(this requires the use of another plugin as do most of these modes), etc. As you can see we are trying hard to get all the original Halo modes in the thing. It isnt as easy as you think and well we do support it currently. To get support please post at the Allied Forums thread for the mod/plugin or sum where on the main site post a comment. We do reply. & if you want more info on the thing you can do the following options.

A. Visit the main post here at Allied Forums - http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=53500

B. Visit the main site that we have setup for us to post all our news even tho we do it in the Allied Forums thread we have for the mod/plugin - http://halomod.armopride.com/

Soccdoodcss - He does all the coding for the mod/plugin and can provide better support for it than I can
Stixsmaster - I am incharge of keeping our main site for the thing up to date along with the fact that I can do my best to support the modification/plugin. O and I also help with, I unno if you would call this advertisement or sumthing but I will call it promoting, promotion.
vvg125 - He is our website host
There are a lot more peeps we have a list always or most of the time always up to date with credit to peeps needed in the Allied Forums thread for this.


P.S. we do have a ingame video made of v2.3 of the mod/plugin and that version was when we managed to get TDM or the main core of this complete and working...the video can be seen here - http://www.stixsworld.com/myvids/index.php?video=HaloMod2.3.flv

We plan to possibly either get help or to our selves again record an up to date video of the current version sumtime...
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