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Author Topic: DNS-based IP Blocking on the Bulletpain Online Empire (question for Cappie)  (Read 1049 times)

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Hi all,

Just wondering if there's anyone else here (/me looks at Dazza) who uses Optusnet
if so can you take a look at www.svencoopcentral.com and let me know if your also getting the following error ?

Quote from: dodgy njabl list
Code: [Select]
You (203.164.xxx.xxx) have been denied access to this forum.
The reason is that you are visiting us from a place that has been blacklisted as an Open Proxy. You have to fix this, and return.
If you want to know exactly where you are blacklisted, go see www.tornevall.net/cgi-bin/ip.cgi.

Well at least there's one site in the Bulletpain empire that still works .. maybe because HIT doesn't use e107 or vBulletin software .. :)

Now a question for Cappie:
Has SCC just had some kind of new anti-spam e107 forum plug-in installed ?
.. if so can you check if your page hits have dropped dramatically recently.
I have a feeling it's blacklisting entire domains. (like the 2nd largest ISP in Oz for example)

Looks like its using the "Not Just Another Bogus List" blacklist and its declared the IP i'm using now as an unsecured mail relay !
... which is a bit weird since I have a dynamic IP
... and I also don't even have a mail server installed (its virtually impossible to install one unless you use Suse Linux Enterprise Server and not opensuse)

If I can't get my fix of Spam and Cheese I'll be having withdrawal symptoms soon :(

cheerio ...