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Author Topic: Rules 101.  (Read 10846 times)

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Rules 101.
« on: January 17, 2008, 05:52:32 PM »

So, people have pointed this out to me a few times, and I agree. The rules forum is a mess, and it should need a cleanup.
I had the idea to make this thread to sum all the rules up, and link to the specific rules thread for more information.

So here goes.

General Forum Rules.

  • No flaming, trolling or being an asshat. This means "Be nice". Don't insult people or try to mock them into insulting you. You don't have to agree with a person, but you don't have to throw shit at him.
  • No spamming. Full thread here
  • Don't bump, or resurrect old threads. For details, a full thread of rules can be found here
  • No one-word posts or AOL type spelling. This is not a chatroom, take your time to write a full message. Sometimes there might not be anything more to say that "Okay" But don't reply with it just for the sake of replying. For details on what's considered AOL spelling, read here.
  • Signature images rules, read here

Showcase Rules (Goes for both Goldsource and Source)
Taken from this thread and edited some.

  • Models must be posted inside a zip, including the model(s), sounds, sprites, credits (VERY IMPORTANT).
  • Threads in which the models are posted should use Tags "[Tag Example]" for easier search inside the showcase.
    Example: [Hgrunt]Very manly Bunny (With sounds!)
  • When posting models in packs, tag the thread properly. Ex: [Azure Sheep] Revised HD Pack. Rule nÂș 1 (Picture, credits, models and sounds) also applies here.
  • NO RETAIL MODELS, and this includes HL2 -> HL1 or vice versa. Condition Zero models can only be for Condition Zero, no cross-game conversions.
    Note: S.T.A.L.K.E.R releases are not considered illegal
  • Always include credits. How simple you might think your model is, or how obvious you think it is, Credits should always be included.
    People here might know what model you hacked, but spread around the internet a few laps, and no one knows. It's also rude to the original author not to credit them.
  • No simple reskins. This includes simple hue/color changes, 2 minute photoshop filters, or quick reskins. ( Unless it's a quality one). If you do have a reskin, please post it in other releases, unless you personally feel this skin completely changes the feel of the model and adds a whole new level of excitement to the model.
  • When rating/commenting on a model, please, put some effort on it. This is a forum and not IRC. Posts don't need to be made in 2-3 seconds and without proper grammar and with two sentences that don't even make sense together. This means no "Good :)" or "Awesome 10/10 :D" Explain why the model deserves to be classified as the highpoint of human achievements. Give constructive criticism.
  • Use your judgment; is your model worthy of being posted? Did you just throw on 5 photoshop filters and/or add a chrome texture? Please don't post that, since anyone can do it under 10 minutes. Unless you feel that the community will benefit from your model or skin, don't post it. If it was a special request for one person, please arrange that transaction in private.

Okay, so now you're following the rules! "BUT HEY! THAT GUY IS BREAKING THEM!"

Before you grab your torch and pitchfork, please follow these instructions:
In the lower right corner of the post you wish to report, there is a link that says "Report to moderator". Click that and fill in the information in the blank fields.
That's it! You don't have to do anything else, which brings me to the next point:

Don't inform the person of his rule breaking post! When you've reported it, a moderator will come and take care of it.
Too many times I see four or more people in a row scolding a person for bumping a thread. Notice people, you're breaking the rules as much as he is.
Only report a post once. We can see who reported which post, so don't worry.

To bad. You probably haven't read the rules, or you chose to ignore them. In any case, in your first offence, you'll only get a warning, which will in due time be removed automatically.
Now, if you decide it would be a smart idea to continue breaking the rules you'll soon enough realize that it is, infact, not. The second degree is Moderated, which will require a moderator to confirm each post you make. As you can imagine, this is a pain, so please behave so we don't get extra work.  The third degree is Muted, which render you completely incapable of posting or sending PM's. This really just makes you an observer.
The fourth one is Banned. (This one's bad, Buck). There are two kinds; Temporary and Permanent. Do the numbers.

Now, if you receive any of these warning, you will get a PM informing you what you've done.

Lastly, we have one scenario that's way to common for your own good:
"Dang, I've been Warned/Moderated/Muted/Banned. Oh well, I'll just create a new account". This, is a bad idea. This will cause you to be banned on all accounts. Permanently.

That is all. (Yes I know there are only mentions of "he" and no "she". But considering the fact that like 98.8% of the people here are a "he" (Or something questionable), I don't think it's to big of a deal. Feminists can whine all they want, really.)

And no people who steal from their mothers purse.
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