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Author Topic: [Mod concept (take 2)] Wanderer  (Read 1625 times)

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[Mod concept (take 2)] Wanderer
« on: September 05, 2008, 07:18:17 PM »

So, that's the topic about mod I was talking about in old thread. The mod idea is still very rough, but I want you to judge it before I'll come with any other details, so if this is fail again, I'll know about that and won't bother.

The world of Wanderer is based on Earth in the second part of 19-th century, except two thing: Magic and no gunpowder. So, middle ages didn't finished fully - armor and swords are still one of any warrior's dreams. On the other hand, technological progress didn't stop, there are first steam-machines, gas lights etc., and what is more, science wasn't used for war for ages (though there are very interesting kinds of weapons) and machinery has become something like art. That's because most wars were between different mages clans (there are four Elemental Clans, or just Elementals, and many other, less powerful), so "technocrates" (also known as Meks) just didn't take part in it.
Oh, and there are magical creatures too, of course. Most of them are now very rare, but some are pretty usual. And magical creatures means that there are some magical races too, but you would hardly find them, because Elves sailed away centuries ago, dwarves and goblins suddenly dissapeared without known reason and Orcs are just nomads in deserts and other places normal people wouldn't go to.

...You've wake up. You can't see anyithing, maybe it's because it's dark here, or maybe you're blind... Who are you? You remember something about your family, but the images are blurry and you can't concentrate on them. Suddenly you hear footsteps. Somebody touches your face. You're trying to ask what's going on, but you're too tired to move your lips. Then you see blinding birght light. When your eyes gets used to the light, you see the person, with a strange lamp you've never seen before. "Finally, you've awaken", - says he - "it was pretty hard to heal you, you were almost dead. I think you need to rest for awhile. You may feel something like paralysis and you can hardly think, but don't worry, it's just temporary". He turned the lamp off and quit the room, leaving you with your thoughts. Well, you know exactly what year it is, and that it is summer now. You understand that you're lying in hospital and that was a doctor. But it seems that you don't remember where are you from and where are you know, how did you get into this place and why... You're falling asleep...

Yeah, I know that amnesia is worst cliche at all, but it's the only way to explain that player doesn't know anything about this world without persuading him to read some long and boring description of where he is.
And, about features. I still think that creating realistic melee combat system is very interesting and creative, so I would try to add this. There will be magic and many weird Meks's stuff. You'll be able to play with your items, combining them and adding magical effects. Dunno, will there be any additional quests or only the main storyline, but hope so. And, it seems that GoldSrc is just inappliable for this tasks. In fact, this is more like the new game, not mod description, but obviously I can't produce the whole new game.
Oh, and I have one WIP concept:

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